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At the border between Gorski kotar and Lika region lies the town of Ogulin where you should visit the Frankopan castle from 1500 and its regional museum. This rennaissance castle with a palace and towers built above the abyss of the river Dobra, the so-called Đula abyss which was named by a girl, who lived in the 16th century and who threw herself off because of unfortunate love affairs. A little outside the town is the Sabljaci lake, a famous spot with a restaurant, popular with fishermen, and above the town take in the Klek summit, which belons to the Velika Kapela range. According to the legend Klek was the place of witches, and its summit offers a fantastic view which in good weather extends even as far as the Alps.

South of the Ogulin Modruška valleys is Lika, an extensive mountainous region which extends from the Plitvice lakes to the southern part of Velebit and the river Zrmanja. The Plitvice lakes are a special geological and hidrogeological karst phenomena which create the most beautiful spectacle of 16 smaller and larger dark green and turquoise lakes, with cascading inter-connected waterfalls. This region is touristically extremely developed with a few well-equipped hotels, campsites, and a large number of village farms which accept visitors. Velebit is the longest mountain range in Croatia, although it is not the highest. It is protected as a nature park while its regions, Northern Velebit and Paklenica have been declared to be national parks. At its summit it offers a beautiful view of the sea and the islands. Here is the discovered Lukina pit, which with its depth of 1392 metres is included among the deepest pits in the world. On the inland side of Velebit is Gacko polje, the picturesque river valley where along the river Gacka there are a large number of old mills. The main place is Otočac, which is considered to be the oldest settlement with a Croatian population.

Not far from Otočac, in the village of Kuterevo, visit the nursery for young bears where you can get involved in the volunteer's camp. The biggest place in the region is the town Gospić in which you should visit the Lika Museum and the 18th century cathedral, and certainly you won't miss the sculpture of the girl called „Marta“ from the 19th century, raised into a monument to introducing water. Not far from Gospić, in Smiljan, the birthplace of Nikola Tesla, visit the memorial centre, equipped like a thematic park where apart from the house where the famous inventor was born, you can see some of his inventions. In the southern part of the Velebit park, not far from Gračac, visit the Cerovačke pećine, the biggest complex of caves in Croatia. Find the best vacation rentals in Gorski Kotar, including private villas, apartments, chalets, cottages and holiday houses and enjoy the pure nature. Picturesque towns and villgaes like Gospić, Gračac, Otočac, Rakovica, Lovinac, Ogulin, Udbina i Korenica are waiting for you.

Gorski Kotar is a mountainous and forested area which is located in between Slovenia and Lika. Cradled between the continental Croatia and its coastal regions, Gorski kotar offers beautiful scenery simply ideal for a relaxing holiday, equally rich in cultural sights and natural attractions. Even as much as 63% of this region is covered by woods and a large part of it is included in a protected ecological regions such as the Risnjak national park, the Golubinjak forest park by Lokve and the Japlenški vrh forest park by Delnice. Here there are protected landscapes as well: Vražji prolaz – a canyon 1800 metres long, and in some places, 2 metres wide with steep cliffs which rise to a height of 100 metres, Zeleni vir at Skrad, the picturesque canyon Kamačnik at Vrbovsko, the famous place for outings Litorić at Vrbovsko, and Petehovac at Delnice, the favourable plateau for walking and skiing activities. Here are reserves such as the Bijele and Samarske cliffs at Mrkoplja which are adored for the large number of shapes created by the hands of nature, as are the magnificent caves, prepared for visitors, such as Lokvarka and Lipe at Lokve, Vrelo at Fužine, Hajdove hiže at Mrkopalj and Pilarove ledenice at Mrzle Drage. Here, under Risnjak, from a karst lake begins the river Kupa and continues its way through the picturesque Kupa valley. Here is also the river Dobra and the Lokvarsko lake, the Bajer lake and Lepenice at Fužina, and Čogrljevo lake at Moravice. Its not necessary to mention the refreshing pleasure which is offered in the summer months. The picturesque little settlements such as Delnice, Čabar, Fužine, Lokve, Vrbovsko, Ravna Gora and Mrkopalj, scattered on the mountains, and their houses are covered with very steep roofs which indicate the amount of snow in the winter months.

Of course, winter sports here are extremely popular and its no wonder that this region has produced a few successful Olympic athletes in the alpine and nordic disciplines. Here is the winter centre Begovo Razdolje, which is at the same time the highest settlement in Croatia, and the Croatian olympic centre, Bjelolasica. Find the best vacation rentals in Gorski Kotar, including private villas, apartments, chalets, cottages and holiday houses and enjoy the pure nature. Walk across wild paths next to crystal clear rivers and lakes, hike and discover panoramic view from the peak Bijela kosa (1289 m) and enjoy the protected landscape of Kamačnik with its pedestrian path, wooden bridges and galleries. Tired from your daytime adventures, return to your cottage and warm your soul by a fire that romantically crackles from the open fireplace.

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