Nečujam, isola di Šolta

Nečujam is located on the northern coast of Šolta and only 9 nautical miles from the city of Split. The picturesque bay, which actually consists of 8 smaller inlets, is a small tourist oasis that many tourists have been visiting regularly for many years. The gentle coast, pebble beaches, long promenades and the warm hospitality of the hosts make Nečujam the perfect place for a family vacation. Fans of active holidays can enjoy water sports or embark on a cycling adventure through Šolta’s picturesque villages in the island’s interior. The island is also great for hiking or walking where one can enjoy the scent of dense pine forests, carob and olive trees. Visit Nečujam and discover why its guests love to return to it every year.

Trova Attività in Croazia

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