Parco Naturale Lastovo

Arcipelago di Lastovo - Parco Naturale

The small Lastovo archipelago "Lastovo Islands" is a magical nature park, whose hidden coves and beautiful beaches are waiting for you. Lastovo is a fairytale oasis of peace, where time has stood still behind the wooden shutters and where the Lastovo chimneys, the island’s landmark, tell stories from ancient times. The island of Lastovo is a nautical paradise with many safe harbors like Skrivena Luka and Ubli, while the beautiful bays of Zaklopatica, Lučica and Pasadur are a perfect vacation destination without the hustle and bustle of major tourist centers. The port of Ubli on Lastovo is connected by ferry lines with Dubrovnik, Korčula, Hvar and Split. Fans of active holidays can enjoy bike trails and hikes all over the island, while divers can discover a true underwater paradise in the numerous caves, shallows and cliffs surrounding the island. There are also interesting archaeological underwater sites with finds of amphorae and vast walls of gorgonias at the foot of Cape Struga.

If you are looking for a place for a quiet holiday far away from bustling tourists, then go to Lastovo. Life here is slow and the small population is mostly involved in cultivating grapes for wine, olives or fishing. The biggest place on the island is Lastovo, which has a few medieval churches, while the oldest building is the today's parish church of Saints Cosmas and Damian from the 15th century. Above the town, on top of a hill is the old castle in which today there is a meteorological station from where is offered a beautiful view over Lastovo's islands and neighbouring Korčula. Lastovo is especially famous for its picturesque folk dress, which the locals wear on official occasions when the town comes alive with their variety.

The island of Lastovo is small, bicyclists and hikers can get to know all of it. However to get to know the surrounding islets, which together with Lastovo were declared to be the nature park of Lastovo islands in 2006, a small boat is needed. Of course its worth going at least to some of them, as they hold beautiful beaches, and divers of course should go to the south side of the island under the steep cliffs below the Struga lighthouse, while those that love sandy beaches should visit the islet of Saplun.

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