Polače, isola di Mljet

Mljet is the island of stories and legends and one of the most forested islands in the Adriatic. Due to its uniqueness, part of the island was declared a National Park. It is in this mystical oasis of the Adriatic that the small village Polače is located. Its name derives from the Roman palace that was once built here and around which a settlement developed over time. Located in the peaceful oasis of the unique National Park, Polače is the perfect holiday destination. In addition to enjoying the crystal clear sea and sun, lovers of active holidays can cycle around the saltwater lakes in the park. Surrounding the park are several villages, such as Babina Kuća on the lake and Goveđara on the hill above the lake. If you head from the national park to the other end of the island, you will come across signposts directing you to small villages that are mostly located in quiet coves and accessible by very narrow, winding roads. One of them is bay Ropa, the natural habitat of the Mediterranean seal (Monachus Monachus), one of the few remaining in the entire Mediterranean. There are also villages built on the hills above beautiful bays, like Babino Polje in the central part of the island. There is a narrow path in Babino Polje that leads through vineyards and olive groves to the Cave of Odysseus. It is said that it was here that Odysseus fell into the hands of the island nymph Calypso.

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