Nin, Zadar Riviera

The royal town of Nin is located on a small island in the middle of a sandy lagoon and connected to the mainland by stone bridges. Nin is one of the most interesting and most visited destinations in Dalmatia, where a rich history vividly intertwines with numerous tourist attractions in a small area. The almost surreal beauties of exotic sandy beaches and reefs are as created for a perfect family vacation with small children. If you visit this small town, you will get to know the rich history of the Croatian kingdom, the early Croatian Glagolitic alphabet, discover the remains of a Roman temple and floor mosaics of Roman villas from the 2nd century. An architectural delight are the many old churches. Particularly famous is the Church of the Holy Cross, a landmark of Nin and the most valuable monument of pre-Romanesque architecture in Croatia from the 9th century that is also known as the "Smallest Cathedral in the World". The apparent architectural irregularities were created on purpose, as a wish of the builders that the church serves as a sundial. Just across the church is the statue of bishop Gregory of Nin, whose seat was in Nin at the beginning of the 10th century. Legend has it that it brings good luck to touch his big toe. The most romantic photos from Nin are the ones with the image of the little Church of St. Nicholas, which is located in the Prahulje field. It is a place where Croatian kings greeted their people. Visit the Museum of Nin Antiquities on Square Kraljevac and see some truly valuable exhibits. The museum displays, inter alia, the remains of ships belonging to the early Croatian navy, which were presumably used at the end of the 11th century. There are also discoveries of Liburnian ships there that undisputedly date to the 2nd century BC. It is interesting that these ships were made without metal joints, i.e. the boards were joined together and "sewn" with cords and wooden wedges. Replicas of these ships can be seen in the port of Nin.

The surroundings of Nin, primarily the Privlaka peninsula, abound in beautiful beaches such as Sabunike, Prodorica, the lagoon of Nin and Ždrijac. The most popular beach with healing mud is certainly Kraljičina plaža (Queen’s beach). As the beaches are sandy and shallow, they are perfect for families with children. Privlaka is connected to the island of Vir by a bridge where the series of beautiful sandy beaches continues. If you want to taste a local specialty of Nin, don't miss the Nin Šokol Festival in July. It is a unique competition in making the famous Nin delicacy called Šokol, which is made from pork conserved in the salt from the surrounding area and then dipped in mulled red wine with spices. The meat is then dried in the strong north wind called Bura, which brings with it the aromatic scents of medicinal herbs from the Velebit mountain. Nin is a great starting point for excursions to many famous destinations along the coast, such as Zadar, Šibenik, Biograd na Moru, but also to the most beautiful national parks in Croatia: NP Krka, NP Plitvice, NP Kornati, NP Paklenica, NP Northern Velebit, and nature parks Vrana Lake and Telašćica. In the end, we can only invite you to visit Nin and look for comfortable accommodation in modern apartments, villas and holiday homes, where you will experience all the kindness and hospitality of the hosts of this small royal town.

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