Ristorante Passarola, città di Hvar

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Ristorante Passarola, città di Hvar

Ristorante Passarola, città di Hvar - Ristoranti nella città di Hvar

The newly opened restaurant Passarola located in the old town of Hvar. Owing to its unique culinary style it became one of Hvar’s leading restaurants. Passarola offers an unforgettable gastronomic experience to lovers of both “spiza” (Dalmatian for good food and food culture) and exquisite wines in its luxurious ambiance surrounded by walls made of 500-year-old stone from Brač.
Ancient local dishes prepared in new ways can be tasted in the restaurant Passarola. Brodetto (fish stew) with pasta and beans, creative seafood salads with beans and fruit as well as Lobster with black macaroni from Korcula are the highlights of a rich offer of various tastes.
The mentioned specialties are complemented with wines from Hvar, such as Plančić Bogdanuša and Ager Sauvignon and the recently eminent  “ČAPLAR”  from Tomic. Naturally, besides local wine the restaurant Pasarola offers wines from all over the world, such as Santa Raise Carmenere Reserva, The Broken Fish Plate Suvignon Blanc, The Dead Arm Shiraz, then the Italian wines certainly lead by the Tuscan Magari Ca Marcanda, French Chateaneuf du Pope and Spain Vendimia Selecionada.
Do not miss the pleasure! Welcome to Restaurant Passarola in the old town of Hvar.

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