Obrovac, Regione di Zara

Obrovac is located in the fairy-tale canyon of the river Zrmanja and a place of many historical turmoils and upheavals. Its interesting history is testified by numerous forts and towers that are scattered in the Obrovac area. Above Obrovac, Kurjaković Fortress proudly defies time, while its walls preserve historical stories of Ottoman conquests, Venetian supremacy, Austrian and French rulers, and finally the Homeland War. The parish Church of St. Joseph was originally a medieval structure from the 15th century, which was completely restored in the Baroque style in 1794. The town museum keeps valuable exhibits worth seeing. Not far from Obrovac are several medieval fortifications that bear witness to the strategically important position of Obrovac throughout history. From Obrovac only 5 kilometers upstream on the river Zrmanja are the towers Stari Obrovac and Klisina, the fortress Zelengradina in Zelengrad and the hillfort Cvijina Gradina in Kruševo. Nature has endowed the Obrovac area with miraculous beauty. Discover the fairytale canyon of the river Zrmanja by kayaking or rafting down its exciting river rapids. In nearby Muškovci, you can find the hidden and beautiful Berber waterfall, while a legend on love is told by the romantic bridge of Kuda. Numerous cycling, hiking and mountain trails are a paradise for lovers of active holidays. Family houses and small rural farms offer comfortable accommodation and local gastronomic specialties such as roast lamb and grilled lamb with organically grown fruits and vegetables.

Trova Attività in Croazia

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