Das Neretva Tal, Süddalmatien

The landscape of the valley of Neretva is completely different to any other part of Croatia, and its true beauty can conquer your heart in a moment and for always. A marshy landscape is the characteristic picture of the very beautiful region of the estuary of the river Neretva. The peaceful delta is covered with reeds and picturesque fields with orchards of southern (Mediterranean) fruit. The silence is sometimes broken by the flapping of the wings of a marshland bird, while her area is skimmed by shallow hulls, the typical boats which have been used in the Neretva valley for centuries, and which until today have retained their significance for life by the river. This quite untouched part of nature is home to a large number of fish, birds, and other species of animal. In the Neretva lives one of the most protected species of trout – glavatica, which can reach a weight of over 30 kilogrammes.

On the right side of the mouth of the Neretva next to the town of Ploče can be found the beautiful landscape of Baćina lakes. These relatively small and asymmetric lakes are considered to be one of the most interesting karst phenomena, and is made from six connected and one separate lakes: Oćuša, Crniševo, Podgora, Sladinac, Vrbnik, Šipak and Plitko lake. The biggest is Oćuško and the deepest is Crniševo with a depth of 34 metres. Vrbnik is the smallest lake, the only one not connected to the othes. Water in the lakes is sweet, although there are springs which are connected with the sea. In the region of Klokun near the Plitko lake can be found a spring which provides potable water for the town of Ploče and its wider surroundings. The lakes are cryptodepressive, which means that the bottom of the lake is above sea level. On them are three small islets and two tunnels. One connects the lakes with the sea, so that high water levels from Vrgoračko field during the winter flow out to sea, thus avoiding floods.

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