Zadar Hinterland und Ravni Kotari region

Nature has endowed this area with miraculous beauty. Discover the fairytale canyon of the river Zrmanja by kayaking or rafting down its exciting river rapids. In nearby Muškovci, you can find the hidden and beautiful Berber waterfall, while a legend on love is told by the romantic bridge of Kuda. Numerous cycling, hiking and mountain trails are a paradise for lovers of active holidays. Family houses and small rural farms offer comfortable accommodation and local gastronomic specialties such as roast lamb and grilled lamb with organically grown fruits and vegetables.

Obrovac is located in the fairy-tale canyon of the river Zrmanja and a place of many historical turmoils and upheavals. Its interesting history is testified by numerous forts and towers that are scattered in the Obrovac area. From Obrovac only 5 kilometers upstream on the river Zrmanja are the towers Stari Obrovac and Klisina, the fortress Zelengradina in Zelengrad and the hillfort Cvijina Gradina in Kruševo.

Not far from Zadar and Biograd na Moru is the town of Benkovac. The place is dominated by the cultural and historical monument Kaštel Benković, a 15th-century fortress that was named after Croatian nobles. The most famous site is certainly Asseria - the remains of a Liburnian settlement near Podgrađe. If you find yourself in the vicinity of Benkovac, be sure to visit the Benkovac Fair, which has been held every 10th of the month for over a hundred years. The fair is not only a place of trade, but also a kind of attraction in this area as it still nurtures the customs and traditional ways of trading. The fair offers various agricultural tools, small items for the house and useful souvenirs. The Benkovac Fair is also known for its rich gastronomic offer of local specialties such as roast lamb, suckling pig and various dishes made under the baking lid “peka”. Whatever dish you choose, be sure to accompany it with a glass of the famous wine from the Benkovac area.

Nadin is located in the hinterland of Zadar, above the vast field of Nadin. Today, Nadin and its residents are focused on agriculture and agro-tourism, offering organic products on family-run farms. The wines of the Nadin region are especially appreciated, so don't miss to check out the wine cellars and taverns of Nadin and reward your palate with a premium wine experience.

Poličnik is a municipality in Ravni kotari in the hinterland of Zadar. The municipality encompasses several smaller settlements that are administratively and economically connected: Briševo, Dračevac Ninski, Lovinac, Murvica, Rupalj, Suhovare and Visočane. As this region is characterized by ​​its fertile lands, the local population is mainly engaged in agriculture, mostly in cultivating olives and vines.

Village Vrana is located in the hinterland of Zadar in the close proximity of the Vrana Lake Nature Park. It was an important place with a rich history, which is testified today by the medieval fortress Gradina that represented the ecclesiastical and secular center of power from the 11th to 14th century. An interesting fact is that Vrana was the location where the Croatian royal crown was kept. While in the area, do not miss visiting Maškovića Han, the former residence of a commander of the Ottoman army, which today is the largest monument of Ottoman architecture in Croatia. A must-see attraction of this area is the Vrana Lake Nature Park with an ornithological reserve, where you will find more than 100 different species of birds during the nesting season. Those who seek a more active vacation will love the offer of activities. Namely, well-kept bike paths around the Vrana Lake are a paradise for cycling enthusiasts. Near the highest peak of the Vrana Lake Nature Park, there is viewpoint Kamenjak with stunning vistas over Vrana Lake, endless cultivated olive groves and the blue sea that is dotted with the islands of the archipelagos of Zadar, Kornati and Šibenik.

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