Makarska Riviera

There are few that have not heard of beautiful beaches of the Makarska coastal region, which extend along the Makarska riviera, from Brela and Baška Voda in the north, through Tučepi and Podgora, to Gradac on the southern riviera. Makarska is the centre of the riviera, the town and harbour are located in a wide bay, which like an amphitheatre extends along the seaside at the foot of the magnificent slopes of the Biokovo mountain. The old centre is no different to many of the remaining mediterranean towns, while in the new part are a large number of hotels, restaurants, shops and other urban tourist facilities. On the main beaches you will surely encounter crowds, however if you go further on foot by the small paths towards the northwest, you will be surprised by the large number of isolated coves in which the crystal clean, almost turquoise water shines. In the evening hours you can enjoy a large number of cultural and artistic, entertainment and popular performances as part of the Makarska cultural summer.

Lovers of marine life should visit the Malacological Museum where they can learn about the specific flora and fauna of the Adriatic, but also in other of the world's seas. For many tourists the Makarska riviera is synonimous with summer holidays. The place Brela, with which the riviera begins, includes the places of the most elite tourism on the Croatia's Adriatic coast. This isn't surprising given that everything there serves tourism: quality hotels, camps and private accomodation, the look of the town, the activities and entertainment that are on offer, the beautiful beaches - natural, but equipped with all the necessary resources... all the way to the cultivation of indigenous agricultural produce in its hinterlands, which can be found on the plates of restaurants and hotels. Tučepi, Baška Voda and Podgora as well as many other small places are not much behind Brela. For those who love summer crowds, full cafe terraces, restaurants, girls in summer dresses street filigree and artistic portraits, backpackers who hitchhike on the highway– this is the right place for crazy summer fun. Here there are a large number of camps, big and small, private pansions, hotels and all of that in a narrow belt besides the sea, given that the Biokovo mountain behind leaves very little space.

If you happen to crave a little peace or want to observe the beautiful sunsets, climb the Biokovo mountain or go further to Imotski and its beautiful lake. Biokovo offers a large number of mountaineering trails and almost deserted hamlets in which you will be offered comfortable refreshment, peace and magnificent views over the whole region below. Don't forget the small village farms which have excellent offer of local food, local rakija (liquers), wines and olive oil.If you decide to go on foot, with a little luck you might see on the way the muflon, a wild goat or some of the large number of endemic plants which grow here. Given that life was happening mostly here, on the slopes of Biokovo, you will find a large number of old churches, but also the remains of walls and other stone monuments from the Illyrian period.

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