The Zadar archipelago consists of three hundred islands and islets and is one of the areas in the Adriatic with the most islands. However, the majority of those islands are uninhabited, and so they offer yachtsmen a large number of deserted and hidden places with beautiful beaches where their only company are the seagulls and the only sound is the murmur of the waves. When it comes to Croatia's slogan „a country of a thousand islands“, then this region of course makes a large contribution to that epithet.

The islands of the northernmost part, given their position present the „gate of Dalmatia“, and among them the first, but not the biggest, is Silba, according to which we called this part the Zadar archipelago. So here there are, Olib, Premuda, Ist and Molat. Of course here there is also a whole array of smaller islets and reefs of which some are inhabited only in the summer, and some never. Given that these islands don't have hotels, accomodation is only possible in private houses. Although a ferry goes to all the islands mentioned, cars can only get off at Premuda and Olib, and as they are really small islets, everything is reachable by foot, so a car is not necessary. The island of Silba has a few beautiful pebbled and sandy bays with beaches, and among the most beautiful are Šotorišće and Pernastica. The Toreta viewpoint, a 19th century six-sided tower with exterior steps is the place that overseas the only village on the island and from which is offered a beautiful view.

East of Silba is the somewhat bigger island of Olib, on which live just 700 or so inhabitants. In the only settlement on the island exists evidence that life here began even in Roman times. Olib is perfect for a peaceful and intimate holiday where everyone will find for themselves the ideal place – from the rocky cliffs to the sandy beaches and shallow bays such as Slatine on the eastern side of the island.

Premuda is an island with a settlement with the same name and is located to the west of Silba. It has two harbours, the main one is in Krijal bay and the auxiliary one is in the Loza bay, while the place Premuda is situated inbetween them. It has many natural bays, and is overgrown with undergrowth. In recent times a lot of olive trees were planted here. It is attractive to yachtsmen, but also to divers, given that here there are a few extremely attractive locations for diving such as the system of caves known as „the cathedrals“ and the shipwrecked boat „Szent Istvan“.

The islands Ist and Molat are located somewhat further south, almost touching the northern „špic“ (point) of Dugi Otok. Ist, which is north of Molat, is the smaller island with a small well-kept marina, because of which it is popular with yachtsmen. It has beautiful sandy beaches, so its comfortable for all those who want a private and peaceful holiday. On the top of the island there is a chapel, which offers a fantastic view on the surrounding islands. Molat is the somewhat bigger island on which there are three small settlements: Molat, Zapuntel and Brgulje. It has areas covered with pine forests, and it has a large number of hidden bays which are best visited by boat.

When it comes to Croatia's slogan „a country of a thousand islands“, then this region of course makes a large contribution to that epithet. At the same time, this is the central point along the Croatian part of the Adriatic. From here it is easy „to hop“ to Istria, Split or Dubrovnik, or even to the Plitvice Lakes and Zagreb. In the interior part of the region and its immediate vicinity can be found a few national parks, so in so much as you would like to have a base for exploration, then this is the ideal place. And given the fact that Zadar is called „the town of museums“, do you really need any more reasons to visit?

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