Naturpark Žumberak - Hochland von Samobor

By the border with Slovenia at the western region of central Croatia is Žumberak – Samoborsko gorje, a protected nature park and one of the popular spots among Zagreb citizens for outings. Here there are a large number of footpaths and bicycle tracks, well-kept mountaineering lodges, village farms, and between the most attractive places for outings are the Žumberak eco-village and the Divlje Vode bio-park. Many indigenous animals such as rabbits, ducks and geese, freely graze around, which is especially interesting for children, what's more they can ride on ponies or be friends with donkeys and horses. There is no need to specially emphasise the fact that food here is local and ecologically grown. On the wine bottle labels you often find the symbol of the geographical origin of Plešivica under which are concealed quality wines. Visit the Plešivica wine route which runs through a few villages in the region around Jastrebarsko, while the biggest wine cellar and village farms is in the very village of Plešivica.

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