Konavle, Dubrovnik Riviera und Umgebung

Konavle is stretching from Cavtat to Cape Oštro on the peninsula Prevlaka and was the southeastern part of the Republic of Dubrovnik. Protected on the north by the Konavle mountains and on the south by the blue sea, it descends to the gentle bays of Cavtat and Obod in the west. This area is well-known for its exceptionally well-preserved tradition that is still present in many villages and hamlets. Those interested in the autochthonous rustic way of life in this area, will discover that Konavle is a real ethnographic jewel. An interesting ethnographic collection depicting the rich culture of Konavle can be seen in the village of Čilipi, while a trip to the village of Gurda is recommended for its quality wines. For local specialties head to the village of Ljuta, where you can taste delicacies surrounded by the sound of waterfalls of the Ljuta river. Experience the panoramic view at the Sivi Soko vista point and enjoy the picturesque ambience of Konavle.

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