Insel Lokrum, Dubrovnik Archipel

Lokrum, or as it is also often called the island of lovers, is a small picturesque island located in front of Dubrovnik’s old port and one of the most visited day excursion destinations in the area. As early as 1974, Lokrum was declared a Special Forest Vegetation Reserve, where the tradition of landscaping gardens and parks dates back to 1839, when Maximilian of Habsburg built a summer house on Lokrum and arranged the garden with exotic plants. According to legend, it was on Lokrum where Richard the Lionheart was safely cast ashore after a shipwreck on his return from a crusade in Palestine in 1192. On the island there is a lake called the Dead Sea that is connected to the open sea, but suitable for swimmers and even children and non-swimmers. From Dubrovnik’s Porporela pier, Lokrum can be reached by boat in just ten minutes.

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