Stadt Vis, Insel Vis

Dionysius of the Greek town Syracuse recognized the beauty of Vis and its important strategic position in the Adriatic already in the 4th century BC, when he founded the Greek colony Issa that quickly developed into the most important town in the Adriatic. Since then, the island has been writing its rich history that included the rule of the Romans, Venetians, Napoleon and the Austrian Empire. Eventually the island and its beauty were captured by socialist Yugoslavia until the creation of an independent Croatian state, when the ban of foreigners visiting Vis was lifted. This restriction however turned out to be a benefit as it slowed down the development of commercial tourism on the island and significantly contributed to the preservation of the traditional Dalmatian architecture without the reckless urbanization and construction that happened elsewhere. Today, Vis is a tourist resort where friendly hosts welcome their guests into modern apartments, villas and holiday homes. Curious tourists and day visitors from Split and nearby Hvar enjoy the pristine charm and beauty of Vis.

The town of Vis is the main port of the island, where many sailboats and yachts anchor. Narrow cobbled streets of harmonious Mediterranean architecture, little town squares from which shouts and songs echo in the summer and picturesque summer houses of Hvar’s nobility are just fragments of the beautiful picture that Vis offers its visitors. The town invites you to discover it in all its splendor; walk through its streets, check out the catch of the local fishermen, swim in the crystal clear sea or enjoy a healthy Dalmatian dinner in one of the numerous taverns and restaurants.

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