Olivenöl Museum in Škrip

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Olivenöl Museum in Škrip

Olivenöl Museum in Škrip

The museum of oil presents the traditional process of olive oil production on the island Brac. The museum of oil exibit  olive mill, olive press, spindle for tightening press screw, bags, fireplace for heating the water and all traditional tools for transport, production and storage of olive oil.  
The museum of olive oil also shows paintings by academic painter Hana-Marta Jurčević Bulić and sculptures made by mag. sculptor Đani Martinić, presenting workers in the oilery in an interesting way.

In 1864 Josip Krstulovć family founded the oilery in a small town of Skrip on the island Brac.
By the early 20th century Kruno and Mandica Krstulović have upgraded the oilery by buying the new ''Thomas Holt'' olive press
from Trieste. The family continued to process the olive oil until the 1963 when the oilery stoped working due to introduction of new technologies (hydraulic press).
In  2013 Kruno Cukrov (grandson of Kruno Krstulović) and his family took the chalange of restoration the old oilery and by July 2013 the oilery become Musuem of olive oil in Skrip and it is open for public as historical and cultural monument of history of making olive oil on the island Brac.

The Cukrov family continues the family tradition of producing olive oil as a part of their family business, this time on modern maschines, for which it was awarded bronze medal for extra virgin olive oil at the Oblica fest 2014 in Postira.

In the museum visitors can taste and buy olive oil.

Museum is located in a small town of Skrip on the island Brac.
Distance from Supetar ferry port is 9 km, about 10 minutes drive.

You can also reach us by bus line Supetar - Skrip

For visits during off season please call or email us.