Island Ravnik, geopark Vis archipelago

Near settlement Rukavac and just across the island’s southeastern coast lies the picturesque island Ravnik with its Green Cave. The cave was protected as a geomorphological monument of nature in 1967. The entrance to the cave and its interior is large enough to be entered by boat, but due to the large number of visitors during the tourist season, visitors usually enter the cave by swimming into it. There is a large opening in the cave’s ceiling through which a beam of sunlight penetrates, illuminating thereby the seabed as strongly as a reflector and giving the entire cave a greenish color due to the green algae on the seabed.

Island Ravnik and the Green Cave are a popular sight for many tourists from the islands of Vis, Brač, Hvar, Korčula, as well as from the city of Split. Due to its exceptional aesthetic and geological importance, the Green Cave is part of the Vis Archipelago Geopark, which enjoys the protection of the UNESCO.

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