The island of Lošinj or as it is often called the island of vitality is a renowned Croatian tourist destination that is particularly known for health tourism since the benefits of the Mediterranean climate, its clean sea and aromatic herbs have been known here for a long time. This unusual island was once connected with the nearby island Cres, but already in Roman times, a channel was dug between the two islands to shorten the route by boat. Today, Lošinj and Cres are connected by a bridge. Lošinj has been inhabited since ancient times. The remains of forts, wells, country houses and even a Roman road testify to life in these times, but also in earlier periods. Today, Lošinj consists of several villages and settlements and even has its own airport.

The largest place on the island is the town of Mali Lošinj that is located in a deep bay and considered one of the best natural harbours in the Adriatic. Picturesque colourful buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries, which adorn the port of Mali Lošinj, bear testimony to the long rule of the Venetians in this area. The healthy Mediterranean climate and the many sunny hours per year led to the establishment of the first official climatic health resort near Veli Lošinj in the 19th century, which still exists today. While in Veli Lošinj, do not miss to pay a visit to the bottlenose dolphin reserve, where you can even adopt dolphins and thus contribute to their protection. Tranquil bays and beautiful beaches line all sides of the island, whereas hiking trails to the Osorčica hill are also popular. The Lošinj archipelago consists of several interesting islets: Ilovik, Sv. Petar, Unije, Susak and Vele and Male Srakane. Most of the islands are covered only with low vegetation, while reeds are predominant on Susak. Regardless which island you choose, you will find crystal clear sea and gentle bays with a sandy bottom everywhere. To learn more about the rich maritime tradition of Lošinj, visit the festival "Lošinj Sails Around the World" which includes open-air concerts, interesting workshops and sports competitions. The event is accompanied by a gastronomic offer that will bring visitors closer to the life on the island in a unique way.

Accommodation on Lošinj is available in many apartments, holiday homes and villas with swimming pools. The friendly hosts will treat you to an aromatic liqueur made from blackberries, carob or honey. Homemade sheep cheese and cottage cheese, Maneštra (type of minestrone), fresh fish, squid or octopus prepared according to local recipes with aromatic spices and premium olive oil, to name just a few of the tasty delicacies Lošinj has to offer. With a good drop of the wine Trojišćina, we can only wish you a warm welcome to Lošinj and a pleasant holiday!

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