Nature Park Biokovo

Nature Park Biokovo, Makarska riviera

The Biokovo nature park runs along the whole of the Makarska riviera and surmounts the region from Brela in the North to Podgora in the south. Although it seems tame and so close to the sea, Biokovo is actually a dangerous mountain for inexperienced adventurers. Almost every year, especially during the summer months, the Mountain Rescue Services make huge efforts to save reckless mountaineers, who wander off the paths, only to get stuck on some steep cliffs, where they are left fighting for their lives. And so here is the warning – Do not decide to go mountain climbing without a guide, ever if you are an experienced mountaineer. Biokovo is full of sink-holes, karren, stones and pits ( the deepest one that has been measured is Amfora at 788 metres), ice, caves and karst springs.

Here there are many endemic plants and species of animal, and areas of special protection, such as beech and fir tree or Dalmatian pine tree reservations. Within the park is Biokovo's Kotišina botannical garden, which lies above the village of the same name, covering an area of around 16.5 hectares. Here can be found the conserved indigenous vegetation of Biokovo, which will allow visitors to the part to understand the unique wild plant world. Of the animal species, there are a large number of butterflies, and especially interesting underground fauna, among which there are a number of relikata which are commonly called live fossils. They originally lived deep down in the ground, but with climate change have changed their habitat. Apart from that there are different types of bat, and the small mountain black crow. Amphibians and reptiles are also found in this habitat, among whom are the only poisonous snake – the poskok. A meeting with Biokovo's wild goat or wild boar is a special attraction for adventurers. Among the other reasons for a visit are certainly the excellent food available at agro-tourist farms and the unforgettable sunsets there.

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