Welcome to the City of Novigrad - touristic town-museum!

Novigrad is a tourist and fishermen's town of long and rich history. You can enjoy sports, swimming and sunbathing, or sightseeing in the preserved medieval old town. The old town was once surrounded by the walls that were built during Venetian rule, in the 13th century. On the sea shore by to the walls there is one of the most beautiful loggias in Istria and the only one by the sea.

Famous is also the Novigrad Rigo Gallery, located in the eponymous palace, one of the most famous exhibition spaces for modern art in Istria. Each year, it organizes seven exhibitions of famous artists from Croatia and abroad. The grand parish Church of St Maximilian and Pelagius was built in the 6th century as the cathedral and seat of the Novigrad diocese.

Early Romanesque crypt is behind the main altar, the only one in Istria and among the rare few in Croatia. The museum-gallery scene, currently including the Lapidarium Museum, Gallerion and Rigo Gallery, exceeds the size of the town, which is no wonder, since one of the objectives of Novigrad is to be a town-museum. The Lapidarium museum displays a very valuable collection of Antique and Medieval monuments. And the Museum of Austro-Hungarian Navy is located in the old town and contains interesting exhibits that testify to a time when the Austro-Hungarian navy, in which numerous Croats served, sailed the Adriatic. You can see naval sabers and guns, models of ships and sailboats, maps, flags and various books and documents.


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