Opatija, Opatija Riviera

As a place with the longest and most elite tourist tradition, Opatija is a synonym for elite tourism in Croatia. The town is located along the narrow coastal belt, where the slopes of the Učka mountain merge with the gentle coast and the blue sea. Back in 1844, Iginio Scarpa, a wholesaler from Rijeka, recognized Opatija and the benefits of its pleasant Mediterranean climate as an excellent site and decided to build his villa Angiolina and the surrounding lush flower garden that is still a popular park right here in Opatija. Back in those days, the rich aristocracy frequently resided in the luxurious villa Angiolina, transforming Opatija in a short time into an elite summer resort that induced more and more rich people to also built their luxurious palaces, villas and summer houses at its coast. As hotels multiplied, Opatija became a summer resort for Europe’s elite, where hotels were lavishly furnished with crystal chandeliers, but also had ballrooms, cafes and other features of luxury and elegance.

When walking through Opatija, we recommend paying attention to the town’s carefully landscaped gardens and parks that are an attraction on their own. The harmony of greenery and flowers is visible at almost every step, from the green fairy tale St. James’ Park and the divine camellias in Angiolina Park to the unique American Gardens and the intimacy of Margarita Park. Experience the real atmosphere of Opatija by strolling along the popular promenade Lungomare, which connects the picturesque places of the Opatija Riviera, such as Volosko, Opatija, Ičići, Ika and Lovran. The beautiful promenade that is lined with villas and terraces in the shade of century-old oaks passes along the most beautiful beaches and coves of the Riviera. With a pleasant climate and sophisticated ambience, Opatija is not only a destination for the summer months, but on the contrary, this elite town is especially delightful and popular in the spring and autumn months.

The friendly hosts will welcome you in quality apartments, luxury holiday homes and villas with pools. All places along the Riviera of Opatija that are lined next to each other in an almost uninterrupted row at the foot of mountain Učka and within the narrow coastal belt are equally beautiful and delight with their ambience: Matulji whose nickname is "Kvarner Gate", the fishermen village Volosko and charming Lovran, known for spectacular summer houses and villas. Few people remain indifferent when they see the magical beaches of Mošćenička Draga. The excellent restaurants in Opatija and its high standard cuisine are included in some of the most respected gastro guides. There are also numerous taverns and farms located in the hinterland of the Riviera.

Adventure lovers can enjoy the lush forests and rivers of Gorski Kotar, where for example the beautiful lakes in Fužine, the Risnjak National Park and the Učka Nature Park are waiting to be discovered. The beaches of Opatija offer a variety of facilities and activities. Look for a luxurious time in the shade of the canopies of the elite Royal Opatija Beach, the Lido Bevanda Beach Resort and the Hotel Savoy Beach or enjoy the crystal clear sea at the beaches Slatina and Tomaševac. Explore every corner of this divine riviera, breathe in the fresh Mediterranean air and indulge in the charm of fabulous Opatija.

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